The Bereavement Journey 

The Bereavement Journey

Commencing   15thFebruary 2022, a series of six sessions will be offered, face to face in our Oval Room, looking at the Bereavement Journey. 

The course will be led by Kathryn McGuinness.

It is designed to help people work through their grief and is suitable for anyone who has lost someone close, whether that be recent or some time ago.  

The format for the first five sessions will be two short films, produced by Holy Trinity Church, Brompton, followed by a time of discussion, wherein you can say as little or as much as you feel comfortable with. 

The final sixth session is optional and will cover faith questions in bereavement from a Christian perspective.  

If you are on the 'the bereavement journey', you might like to consider attending our next course. All enquiries welcome at any time.

If you are interested or require more details, CLICK HERE.

Kathryn will get in touch with you via any contact details you provide and let you know more about the course so you can decide whether it might be helpful to you or not.

Watch this short video for further information.

Rev. Preb. Karl