The Bereavement Journey 

The Bereavement Journey

We will be running this course, 'Bereavement Journey’, in the relatively near future. Dates yet to be finalised. Depending on uptake it will either be via Zoom online or, when we are able to meet in person again, in a convenient venue.

Breaking news....... Our first session will commence 28th September at 7:30 pm

I have asked Kathryn McGuinness to lead the course and Rev Bev will also be helping. Both have extensive experience of walking with people on such journeys.

If you are on the 'the bereavement journey', you might like to consider attending.

If you interested, CLICK HERE.

Kathryn will get in touch with you via any contact details you provide and let you know more about the course so you can decide whether it might be helpful to you or not.

Watch this short video for further information.

Rev. Preb. Karl