PCC Members

Members of the PCC are always keen to hear your views. If you wish to contact any member, please click on the link alongside each name.

Bullard, Mark                          edm.bullard@hotmail.co.uk
Butler, James                           jrbutler43@gmail.com
Brown, Robin                          robin.brown@emmanuelplymouth.co.uk
Connett, Nick                         65nicholas@gmail.com
Cree, Bev                                   bev.cree@emmanuelplymouth.co.uk
Cree, Darryl                             darryl.cree@emmanuelplymouth.co.uk
Cree, Emily                               emily_cree@yahoo.com
Fletcher, Sally                         sallyrfletcher@hotmail.com
Freeman, Karl                         karl.freeman@emmanuelplymouth.co.uk      Chair
Haynes, Malcolm                  malcolmandjenny@yahoo.co.uk
Sharon Hobbs                         shahobbs@gmail.com
Houlton, Ed                              ed.houlton@gmail.com
Kelly, Bev                                  bevlizkelly@hotmail.co.uk
Lyddon, Tim                             tim.lyddon@emmanuelplymouth.co.uk            Lay Vice Chair
McGuinness, Kathryn       kmcguinness59@gmail.com
Nuttall, Don                             donaldnuttall@gmail.com
Orchard, Mary                       morchard1947@gmail.com
Phillips, John                           treasurer@emmanuelplymouth.co.uk               Treasurer
Rose, Gordon                          grose858@gmail.com
Williams, Tony                       tony.williams@emmanuelplymouth.co.uk
Chris Benson, 22/07/2021